The Service appointment:

On the day of your service appointment please have everything removed from the piano, as I will have to remove the parts,
lift the lid and get inside. Upright pianos do not need to be moved away from the wall, but I will need the piano a few inches
away from the wall.  I love children, pets, house cleaners and landscapers, tree trimmers - as long as they are quiet!  I do my
best work when the house is quiet.  I try to be on time, but sometimes traffic, snow delays or a  mischievous piano delays
me.  If I am running late I will try to call or you can call me.


Take a look at this action from a 1906 Weber grand. A new set of key tops and some action
regulation was all this beauty needed. This piano is still going strong, it's amazing that
something over 100 years is able to make beautiful music.

The meaning of A-440.

When a piano string is set into motion by the striking of the hammer, it vibrates.  

Note A4, the A above middle C, is properly tuned, the string will vibrate up and down 440 times in one second.

In 1939 it was decide that A 4 be tuned to 440 Hz, now known as concert pitch. Before that, it varied as much as a semi-tone
higher or lower. There was no standard at all. Every village used a prominent local instrument, such as a church organ, as the
standard for tuning its musical instruments.      

A properly maintained piano and lessons

If you or your child are taking lessons, it is important that your piano works and sounds as perfectly as possible.  Many people tell
me that their child will not be playing at Carnegie Hall, or that "he/she is only a child" so the piano doesn't have to be perfect.  Not
true! Your child's ear is being trained to learn the different sounds or pitch the piano makes.  Part of learning is to play with
expression, the louds and the softs.  If the piano is not at the right pitch the student will not learn to recognize pitch, if the touch is
wrong, the student will not learn dynamics.  If the notes don't work correctly (or don't sound like the teacher's piano), the student
may get frustrated and not want to continue.  

You wouldn't teach someone to drive a car when the wheels are falling off, the steering wheel only turns one way, the wipers don't
work and the horn doesn't make any sound.  Get the most from you instrument and your lessons!
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                    How often should a piano be tuned?

For home piano, the answer is once every three to six months.  For
churches, schools, and music studios it may be monthly or even weekly
depending on the performance schedule.
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