Gina's Piano, LLC
Piano Tuning, Service & Repair
Milford, Connecticut
About Me:

I learned piano tuning and repair work from my father, Gino Bonfietti, who started teaching me when I was in high
school, about 30 years ago.   When he relocated to Florida in 1990, I took over his business and have been tuning and
repairing pianos ever since!   I tune for professionals, students, teachers, schools and many other organizations.  
Over the years I have benefited from my membership in the Piano Technicians Guild, a national organization of
qualified technicians.

Interests & Hobbies

My family and I love the beach, skiing, and adventure parks.  Ziplines are great fun and a great workout!  My other
interests are nutrition and exercise.

My two daughters were born in Vietnam, so naturally I have a love for this wonderful country and its people.      

There is always lots of music in our house!  In addition to piano, my daughters play or have played; guitar, cello,
violin, flute, harp, and guitar.  
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