Piano Life Saver System aka
   Humidity Control System (HCS).

Piano Life Saver System also known as
   Humidity Control System.

As a Certified Installer and Field Expert I have installed over 250 Piano Life Saver Systems.  These
systems greatly extend the life of your piano and reduce the cost of maintenance over the life of your

Piano Life Saver System are a must have for pianos in New England.  Your piano performs the best at
42% Relative humidity.  As you know the humidity in the summer can easily reach 70% and in the
winter can be as low as 20%.  With this wide change in humidity your piano is at constant risk of
damage from the dryness cracking, splitting, glue joint failure, and excess moisture.
How it works:  The main components of the system are made up of a  humidistat which measures the humidity, a
dehumidifier and a humidifier.  The humidistat turns on each component as needed to keep the humidity  in the
safe zone of approximately 45%.  The system makes no noise, uses very little electricity. You will need to fill the
humidifier weekly in the winter and possibly monthly in the summer.
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